Crystal heart ankle bracelet

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GlintLife | Crystal heart ankle bracelet | For feet beauty

  • Cute ankle bracelet for summer days.
  • The perfect jewelry to wear during sunny days to enhance your feet’s beauty.
  • Also, perfect for a birthday gift as well !
  • Made with good quality product as crystal and alloy.
  • Easy to wear with every kind of shoes : slippers, sandals, sneakers or heels.
  • Then, light to wear, thanks to its weight of 14 g. You won’t even feel it on your ankle.
  • Little accessories hanging on the chain : heart.
  • this accessory will suit every kind of clothes you choose to wear it with (for example : dresses, skirts, jeans and even more).
  • Be ready for the summer thanks to your beautiful feet !
  • GlintLife | Crystal heart ankle bracelet | For feet beauty

Note : Please take the measures of your ankle before any orders !

GlintLife :

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Crystal + Alloy


19cm + 5cm (extension)

Metal Color

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